Electrostatic Painting


At Advanced Painting Contractors, our expertise as the industry leader in a wide variety of residential, commercial and industrial interior and exterior coatings applications has expanded into Electrostatic Painting. This very specialized process ensures the highest quality bonding of paint to metal surfaces, ensuring superior durability and an exceptional quality finish. We are experts in the technology.

Our Expertise

  • Specialized equipment for in-the-field application of positively charged paint particles to items too large to take offsite for powder coating. Common items include: metal fencing, railings, doors, window frames, fixtures and more.
  • Experienced technicians trained in electrostatic technology and application, the most efficient form of spray painting in existence with 5% or less overspray versus 20-60% waste with traditional spray technologies
  • Experience with all built-in metal features and fixtures in residences, commercial properties and industrial facilities coatings, wall coverings, prepping, repairs and more