Industrial and Commercial


At Advanced Painting Contractors, our clients include industrial-sized and heavy commercial operations such as manufacturers, aircraft facilities, warehouses and more that conduct business in properties faced with their own unique set of challenges. From coatings thatĀ  inhibit harmful chemical contact to preventative finishes that promote safety, we provide specialized services that facilitate the processes conducted at these large businessesĀ  including rust prevention coatings and fire proofing.

Industrial and Commercial Services Expertise

  • Decades of experience with the top coatings and barriers applied to steel, iron and alloys for rust prevention and to improve performance
  • Specialized in-the-field electrostatic painting of metal fencing, railings, doors, window frames, fixtures and more
  • Experience with all built-in commercial and industrial metal features and fixtures in all industries
  • Expertise with reactive fireproof coatings that foam up and resist the high temperatures at which metals become structurally unsound
  • We can also help you with renovations and repairs of your facility