Surface Preparation


At Advanced Painting Contractors, if there’s one thing we’re sure of after nearly 50 years of painting virtually every residential, commercial and industrial surface type in virtually every industry, it’s that proper preparation is key. A correctly prepped surface—which often requires pressure cleaning—can extend the life of a paint job for years. We're experts on the full preparation of surfaces including sanding.

Our Expertise

  • Analysis of the surface texture, construction materials and condition of the surface to be treated to determine the ideal window of pressure: high enough to remove mold, dirt, insects, peeling paint and other items that impede long-term paint life, but low enough to avoid compromising structural surface integrity
  • Surface analysis to determine correct cleaning solution additives. Some surface types do not respond well to some additives.
  • Responsible, well-trained crews who know where high pressure can be applied and where it can’t, and who are experienced in safely traversing challenging commercial spaces
  •  Full surface preparation including sanding.
  • Proven pressure cleaning expertise on concrete, drywall, wood, brick, block, metal and more