Hospitality & Fine Commercial Painting


At Advanced Painting Contractors we serve some of the largest, most popular hotels, country clubs and other exclusive businesses in the state. We provide these prestigious clients with the highest quality finish painting and other specialty services. We deliver excellent results with discretion and care to ensure there is no disruption to our clients, their operations or their guests. That’s why these businesses continue to rely on Advanced Painting Contractors.

Hotel and Country Club Services Expertise

  • Team of seasoned professionals trained in the art of interior and exterior painting using modern materials, coatings and applications. We are dedicated to every job.
  • Deep experience in the full range of painting and finishing services for all project sizes and scopes.
  • Crews are Advanced Painting Contractors employees. You know who you’re getting because we know who we’re sending.
  • Expertise in the hospitality industry including:
    • Fast, efficient job organization, communication and completion
    • Large project experience including refits and renovations
    • Professional appearance and behavior for in-season work
    • Minimized downtime of key areas and rooms
    • Experience in repairing hospitality-related damage and wear, as well as climate and oceanfront-related issues