Texture Coatings


At Advanced Painting Contractors, our team of experts has deep experience in selecting and applying the ideal interior or exterior texture coating for residences, commercial properties and industrial facilities. By adding fine to coarse aggregates to coatings and applying them to building facades, interior walls and other surfaces, aesthetics can be updated, surface functionality can be improved, and flaws can be hidden. Texture coating is often a cost-effective alternative to plastering, stuccoing and other more labor and materials-intensive forms of improvement of building surfaces.

Texture Coatings Expertise

  • Large array of custom cost-effective texture coating selections for increased wear, longevity and aesthetic improvement of surfaces
  • Technicians with deep experience in selection and application, and well versed in the advantages of texture coating. Advantages include: waterproofing properties, energy savings, flexibility in the event of ground settling or other structural movement and low maintenance
  • Experience with all project types and sizes, from residences and new community construction to large commercial buildings and industrial jobs
  • Proven expertise in painting concrete, drywall, wood, brick and block, staining, specialized coatings, wall coverings, prepping, repairs and more